Self-evaluation for Students Considering Taking Distance Learning Courses

Taking a distance learning (DL) course is another way to achieve your goals. While DL offers a lot of flexibility, there are other considerations for students to think about when making choices regarding their educational program. Research has shown that there are particular characteristics that lend themselves to successful educational opportunities.
These include:

• Adequate computer skills and access to computers and internet
• Good study habits
• Prior educational experiences
• Goal setting
• Compatible life circumstances
• Self-motivation
• Good organization skills
• Good work habits

While no instrument can predict success in distance learning courses, having a clear understanding of your circumstances and how they may influence your behavior as you pursue your goals can be the difference between completing the class and not completing the class. Once you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you can then take steps to cultivate the behaviors that should contribute your educational success.

In addition to these challenges, military students have to consider their individual circumstances with respect to pursuit of voluntary education programs. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, whether they will be deployed during the term; will they have sufficient access to a computer and the Internet if needed; will their duties allow for sufficient time to work on college classes.

The following self-assessment was developed to give you the opportunity to assess your skills and identify possible weaknesses that may affect your success when taking distance learning classes.

This instrument is not meant to substitute for educational counseling or to deny you the opportunity to pursue a distance learning class. An honest assessment of your skills and behavior is in your best interest. We hope this assessment will help you have a successful educational experience, whether you choose distance learning or face-to-face classes.